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November 15, 2020

Across the bar podcast - coaches talk

A little behind the scenes during our Coaches talk. What do we think about the latest changes due to the new corona regulations.
November 5, 2020

Breath in... Breath out and get to the core

Welcome to the second @Xthebar post, todays post will be about breathing and more specifically the relationship between breathing, stress, core stability and mostly how to improve your current breathing pattern. Breathing is something we tend to not really think about, you just do it, this is a shame. Because many of us myself included have a breathing pattern that is insufficient and leaves lots of room for improvement. Right now as you are reading this, take a second and focus on how you breath. Don’t change anything, just breath in and out and see what you find. Besides the difference in breathing in and out through your nose there are two different ways of breathing, shallow chest breathing and diaphragm breathing. When not in a stressful situation you always want to use the diaphragmic breathing, which one are you? When you find yourself breathing very shallow and only through your chest, don’t worry there is no need for panic so let’s go over the difference between the two.
October 5, 2020

Keep Tension, Forget Position

Most of you will know me as Coach Wouter. Your friendly neighborhood CrossFit coach, standing in front of the class with a big smile to push each and every one of you to your personal limit of that day. However, I am attempting something new to not only help you (our members) reach new heights, and better versions of yourself but I am also aiming to improve my own personal knowledge and growth myself. If all goes well this will be the first of many across the bar posts. This blog post will be about one of the most fundamental StrongFit principles and how this can help you reach new levels, both physically and mentally.
March 20, 2020

Working from home

In amongst all the confusion at the moment, it seems that ‘social distancing’ is something we all need to implement and companies are either forcing or recommending that we work from home. If you are tracking your nutrition (which you are!), this can be both a blessing and a curse.
January 26, 2020

Healthy Habits Challenge

Sunday, February 9th at 11:00 we are going to kick off an 8-week healthy habit challenge! We've already got 42 peeps singed up! The best way to improve your nutrition and become the person you want to be is by changing your habits.  Annie will be flying over to lead this seminar and guide all of you through this period of habit creation!
November 28, 2019

"Tribe Talk" podcast

A podcast. Why not!? Learn more about the training vs. performance classes.
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