September 24, 2019

CrossFit Leiden in the Open

crossfit open

The CrossFit games are just behind us and already the new season is about to start within weeks. Last February we did the Intramural CrossFit Open with 80 of our members. This second time we are going to do it a bit different. Since then a lot of new members joined us, so it’s time for an educative blog about this fun event.

“The CrossFit Open”

So the season starts with the CrossFit Open and it is the first chance to qualify for the CrossFit Games. The worlds top athletes and every champion of each country earns a ticket to go to the CrossFit Games. If athletes were unsuccessful during the CrossFit Open, they can participate at one of the 28 CrossFit Sanctionals to earn their ticket. Now I hear you thinking:

“Me? To the CrossFit Games? Are you kidding me?!”

Over the years the CrossFit Open developed to an annual event, in which people all over the world take up the challenge to participate and get ready for the unknown. The CrossFit Open will last 5 weeks and just before every weekend a workout will be released. This will happen in a global fashion. All over the world people will try to perform the workouts as subscribed or scaled, the best they can and guess what: so will we. The excitement of not knowing what to expect will elevate you to a whole new level.

“Are you sure this is something for me? I’m not fit enough and not looking to compete”

There will be different variations of the workout. Unless you have an injury of some sort, we will make sure that you will be able to do at leat 1 variation of the workouts.
Most of us are not looking to compete anywhere but will enjoy this evening. You will be doing a workout in a different environment. There will be heat lanes, people cheering and motivation you, many high fives after your workout and good company and drinks to finish you evening.

“So if it isn’t a way to qualify for the games, then what is it?”

See the CrossFit Open as an annual test of fitness. Testing your progress in skills and giving you new goals for the rest of the year. You will find yourself pushing harder and doing things you never dreamed were possible.

“You were saying this is different from the Intramural Open we dit in February?”

Every year there is an Open. This year there are 2 because of the changes in the worldwide structure. Normally we make this an event in which each participant joins a team and collects points for that team by doing the workout but also by dressing up, posting social media stuff etc.. This is very fun but it also makes it more demanding for everyone. We will do this again next year but for this second edition this year we will do it without the teams and collecting al those points.

We still want an awesome vibe and we will change the layout of the gym to support a great workout, there will be drinks and who knows even a DJ 🙂 Don’t forget to bring your friends!

“So how does it work for the members of CrossFit Leiden?”

First of all, you have to put your name on the list in the gym to notify us that you want to participate in at least one of the evenings. We need to know ahead of time how many people we can expect on these Friday evenings.

If you want to do the Open workout that week you have to them these Friday evenings between 18:00 and 22:00.

The workouts will be released Thursday to Friday night. Friday morning our coaching team will go over the workouts and make additional variations if needed. We will create heats (time slots) in the CrossFit Leiden app for which you can sign up from 12:00 pm (noon).

You will have to arrive at the gym on time for your heat and a good warm-up. We will provide a warming variation but there will not be any coaching on this event.


We also ask every participant to judge at least one heat. This is all part of the fun! Judging a heat means you are making sure that the person doing the workouts is doing the correct amount of repetitions and that you help that person by telling them where they are and where they need to go.

Signing up on

There is a possibility to sign up on the website and be able to upload your score on each workout. This way you will be able to compare with people all over the world. You do however need to do the variation of the workout given by Not everyone will be at a level yet to perform the workouts like this, therefore, we will always make an additional CrossFit Leiden variation which cannot be uploaded to the system.

Now we know it is exciting stuff and it is ok to be afraid. It still gives us the jitters every year. Don’t worry about it too much and try to enjoy it. Even the scaled workouts are a lot of fun.

Check out this movie from last years Intramural Open!