Alps Trip

Alps Trip

push your limits
Work hard play hard and make it happen

Alps Trip

    Love the outdoors?

    Love the mountains?

    Want to push your limits?

    With 15 of our members, we want to make a 4-day trip through the beautiful German-Austrian kleinwalsertal mountain range with klettersteig and hiking as our main activities.

    We will stay in so-called “lagers” which are houses in the mountains where travelers can eat and stay the night. We will cover some awesome klettersteig routes in the area and enjoy some nice hikes through the mountains. We will stay 2 nights in the mountains. We have some time in the weekend to do some exploring on your “own” or you can just read a book and chill out. On the last day, we will hike down the mountains with an awesome feeling and a need for a shower.

    What is Klettersteig?

    Klettersteig or via Ferrata (the iron road) was founded around the year 1900 when Italian guides where making routes on the Dolomite edges and cliffs to entertain their clients safely in the mountains. Around the first world war, more klettersteig routes were made in the mountains to provide a safe passage through the mountain range for troops and their supplies.

    Check out this movie for an impression of the area.

    What do you need?

    Mountain shoes
    Backpack 35 liter
    Raincoat and pants
    Sheets/mattress cover/pillow(cover)
    Bathroom stuff
    Clothes (not a lot of them)
    We take care

    Who are your coaches for this trip?

    Richard de Lange ("opper bergsmurf")
    Jari Jansen
    Jeroen van Duijn

    What will it cost?

    The costs of the trip are around 360,- euro and includes:

    traveling by car
    your stay there including breakfast and dinner
    cable car
    klettersteig material
    This excludes drinks, insurance, and all other personal expenses.

    Want to secure your spot?

    To secure your spot you have to buy 1 of the 15 tickets @ 100 euro.
    The remaining amount will be paid 2 weeks before the actual weekend.

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