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Pose Running

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Pose Running Workshop

    The element of running is present in virtually every sport: basketball, soccer, gymnastics, CrossFit, etc. However, running technique is among the most neglected and misunderstood aspects of training. Running technique is the element that can make or break any athlete or runner. Just think about the number of professional athletes that get sidelined by knee, hamstring, ankle injuries. Direct hits and collisions do not produce as many injuries as poor running technique does. In fact it is the #1 cause.

    Proper technique is the cornerstone of every sports discipline or any other activity that involves human movement: dancing, ballet, martial arts, tennis, etc. Running is no different. Learning the correct running Pose is just as important as having a stable position for an overhead squat, or proper asana in yoga. So in order to run faster, run longer, avoid injuries & reduce impact on your body – you need to improve your technique.

    The Workshop

    This 2-hour long workshop is designed to introduce you to the pose running method and learn the basics of it.


    This workshop will be coached by Ivo Van Tol, Owner of natuurlijkhardlopen.nl
    CrossFit Leiden
    7 March 2020 12:30

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